Oops, there should be a background

When I am not doing science-related things, I have been known to play music. I started off with violin lessons in second grade and began calling it 'fiddle' instead (yes, they are the same instrument) when I began playing Celtic/Bluegrassish music sometime later. In undergrad, I fiddled with a cellist buddy in a group we called the Ben Nevis Boys for the highest peak in Scotland. I generally travel with my fiddle and have performed in every continent except Africa, sometimes even meeting and being invited to play with bands such as the Random Canyon Growlers in Wyoming. I played with several different musicians in Antarctica and even formed a band that has now toured two continents. In undergrad, I was fortunate to meet and play with some awesome musicians who have gone on to great bands such as Dragon Wagon, Barrage, and Gaelic Storm. I have also occasionally played music for dances, including BIDA contra dances in Boston and Scottish country dances in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

My other musical endeavor in undergrad was playing in the Michigan Pops Orchestra, America's first college-level Pops orchestra. I also was the founding concertmaster of the Michigan Pops String Orchestra, which I additionally conducted and served as executive director during subsequent years.

I am generally curious about music have also dabbled in a few other instruments along the way including (to a small extent) guitar, and (more seriously) piano, Japanese taiko drums, banjo, and bagpipe.

A music video I was in, though I was just in the background and didn't contribute to the music or artistic planning: