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Requirements: There will be two scheduled quizzes in the course.  Each quiz will be comprised of short essay questions that require the student to draw upon the assigned readings, lectures, films, as well as class discussions.  There is also a mid-term examination in this course.  The mid-term will be based on a randomly selected essay question, chosen from a set of complex questions provided the week prior.  Students in this course are expected to do all the readings for this course in advance of class. At the beginning of each class session one or students will be asked to address material from the assigned reading.  Each participant is required to make a presentation about an assigned article or book chapter.  A grade for course participation will take account of attendance as well as the student’s contributions to the classroom discussion, especially when called upon to comment.  Two concise graduate-quality papers are required.  Each class member will be assigned to a working group that is responsible for a professional quality presentation, including audio-visual aids, reference handouts and an oral presentation.  N.B., the quiz and exam dates are fixed.  There are no make-up exam offered except in bona fide emergency situations; exams missed due to scheduled travel, job interviews, meetings, etc., do not qualify for make-ups.

Using a maximum attainable total of 100 points, the requirements are as follows: