Course websites and teaching materials
  • How I teach hands-on and active classes - post for the MIT ESP teacher blog, fall 2015.
  • "Neuro 101" for Perception students.
  • Course page for Intro to Cognitive Neuroscience, MIT Junction, summer 2009.

At Boston University, I supervise and mentor undergraduate and graduate students in the Attention and Perception Neuroimaging Lab. These students have gone on to enter medical school, to start Ph.D. programs, to coauthor papers with me, and to be active members of the cognitive neuroscience community.

At Brandeis, I TAed for Intro to Psychology, Statistics, Research Methods, Intro to Cognitive Neuroscience, and Perception. In spring of 2012, I taught Perception: Human, Animal, and Machine. I also supervised and mentored undergraduate students working in the lab.

I also do outreach teaching with the MIT Educational Studies Program. I’ve taught short, one-off classes for Splash and Spark since 2004, and in summers 2008 and 2009, I taught a six-week “Intro to Cognitive Neuroscience” class for Junction.