BU Macro Dissertation Workshop


Tuesdays 12:30 - 1:45.
Room 315.
Contact Alisdair McKay (amckay@bu.edu) with questions.

Requirements by year

  • Third year students:
    • 20-minute presentation of second-year paper (in early Fall)
    • 20-minute presentation of research idea (in late Fall or Spring)
  • Advanced students not on job market
    • mandatory 50-minute presentation of a draft of a paper during year (requires approval of advisor).
    • optional 20-minute presentation of a research idea.
  • Advanced students on the job market
    • 75 minute presentation of job market paper

Presentation guidelines

  • Suggested format for research idea presentations: 5 minutes on context, 5 minutes on question and motivation, 5 minutes on proposed strategy, 5 minutes feedback from audience.
  • Practice your talk beforehand.
  • Budget 2 or 3 minutes per slide.

To sign up, please email amckay@bu.edu.