Laboratory of Integrated Nanophotonics & Biosensing Systems (LINBS)

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ultra fast lasers
Ultrasensitive Vibrational Nanospectroscopy of Proteins
We have recently developed a collectively enhanced plasmonic infrared spectroscopy technique (CEIRA) for conformational studies of proteins at zepto-mole levels.
We are developing nanoplasmonic structures that can confine light on-nanometer scales. These structures opens up new opportunities for sensing.
targetted analyte delivery
Targetted Delivery of Analytes with Subwavelength Nanofluidics:
We have recently developed a novel platform enabling targetted delivery of analytes to sensing surface and overcomig mass transport limitations. We have shown 14 fold improvement in mass transport coefficients appear in the exponentials.
biosensor & microfluidics
High-throughput biosensor integrated with microfuidics :
We are designing plasmonic and photonic crystal structures to develop label-free, high-throughput, portable and ultra-sensitive biosensors to detect biomolecules. We are also integrating with microfluidics to handle small volumes of biological samples.
Advanced Nanofabrication:
We are developing state-of-the-art fabrication techniques for plasmonic and nanophotonic devices.
We are developing new techniques to pattern biomolecules on the surface of nanophotonic and plasmonic devices. The above AFM picture shows captured viruses on the surface. The capture antibody spots with dimension as small as 10um are patterned with a modified AFM tool (Nanoenabler from Bioforce).

Contact information: Prof. Hatice Altug
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