Adrian Guerra

“My philosophy of education”

My motivation for pursuing a graduate degree in music education stems from my philosophy that education is important in order to safeguard our survival as a civilized society and to uphold the ideals of democracy.  According to M. Cunat, a democratic education celebrates individuality, cooperation, reflection, social development, and responsibility.”  Through education one is able to become empowered and liberated from the chains of ignorance and mediocrity.  Education opens up the mind to new ideas and innovative thought processes which may otherwise be obscured or undeveloped.  Society, in order to thrive, must not remain stagnant. It must continually seek ways to adapt and improve.  Fresh ideas and creative approaches must be adopted, especially in a global community.  Education can facilitate this flow of ideas, thereby ensuring an optimistic future for our children.

            Music education has afforded me a close encounter with the powerful capabilities of young people.  I truly believe that music, both classical and popular, has a transformative effect on today’s youth, allowing them a venue for expression and reflection.  Additionally, as members of music ensembles, students develop skills and behaviors which are necessary to become successful in the workplace and in society. These include responsibility, commitment, leadership skills, and perseverance.

            My commitment to music education is evidenced by my students’ active and successful participation in TMEA and UIL activities year after year. As students take part in these activities, they become stronger musicians and develop a greater commitment to music education.  Their zeal for music is then transferred to other areas of their lives.

            As I plan for the future, one thing remains constant: music is an essential component of my life and work.  I cannot even begin to fathom living a life disconnected from music and music education.  The more one is involved in music, the more one becomes attached to it at a spiritual level.