About Us

Mission of BGSA

     The primary goal of the Biology Graduate Student Association is to increase the level of academic, scientific, and professional integration between the five program areas in the Department of Biology at Boston University through academic and recreational activities. These five program areas are: Cell and Molecular Biology (CM), Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry (MCBB), Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution (EBE), Marine Biology (BUMP), and Neurobiology (NEURO).

     Biology departments at many universities are splitting, and thereby becoming more segregated; this approach may inhibit integrative research. The members of the BU Biology Department are interested in biological problems at the molecular, organismal, population, and ecosystems levels, and thereby have the rare ability to address biological questions at all organizational levels in ways that pool our expertise across specialties. Our goal is to promote and enhance scientific exchanges between the different fields of biological studies at the graduate level.

     The BGSA Executive Committee is comprised of only graduate students that are enrolled in any of the five biology programs. All are welcome and encouraged to join. There should be a faculty advisor that has the responsibility to sign off on budget spending and overlook the activities of the BGSA. The Executive Committee has the duty to address the concerns and issues of the graduate students as well as the faculty through periodic open meetings for large forum discussion and to maintain an open door policy for discussion. The BGSA will keep bgsa@bu.edu as an accessible way to communicate.