Elsa Abele, MS, CCC/SLP

Current Projects

Social Pragmatic Groups
As a Clinical Supervisor in the Sargent College Academic Speech Clinic, Ms. Abele oversees the clinical training of graduate students in the areas of Language and Pragmatics. Currently, Ms. Abele facilitates social pragmatic groups for children and adolescents who have Asperger's Syndrome or other neurological disorders that inhibit their ability to glean the underlying and unexpressed structural rules of conversation and narratives. The aim of these pragmatic groups is to explicitly teach clients how to discern conversational hierarchies, develop listening skills, decipher body langauge and scaffold their narratives so that their listeners have enough context to follow along. Regular weekly group sessions offer our clients a chance to practice these skills with their peers.

Learn more about the Sargent Clinic Pragmatics Groups from a 1999 article in the BU Bridge.

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